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Celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month with May Mondays!

May 16 Apawomen

Celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month with May Mondays!

As part of May Mondays, let’s talk about creating a movement and what it takes to make things happen. Think about:

  • Who do I reach out to for engagement?

  • Why should people care about what I’m trying to do?

  • How do you get everyone to buy-in to the mission and vision of our organization/business/cause?

  • What are ways to cut through the “noise” and get the key message out so you can be heard?

Meet these impactful leaders who are implementing their mission and vision their way. We are featuring leaders from Non-Profit, Entrepreneurship, Academia, Corporate and Government sectors.

If you want to drive big change, it’s going to take partnerships and collaborations with others to accomplish the goal. Come join the conversation!

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