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Hear Our Voices 2

April 25 Apawomen

Hear Our Voices 2

Hear Our Voices is a three-part conversation that started in March, as part of the commemoration of the Atlanta Spa Shootings due to anti-Asian violence. On a broader scale, it featured AAPI women who are leading organizations to support their communities. They also talked about their own self-care and how they are managing through these complex times. CAPAW and OCA Asian Pacific American Advocates are excited to co-host this event. Part 2 of this conversation will feature a collective voice from the perspectives of Corporate, Community, Small Business and Non-Profit… and how these leaders are addressing violence and xenophobia in our communities and business. We will explore what it takes to make systemic changes and what ways everyone is contributing.

Join us for this important conversation on

: Date : April 25 | 5PM ET Register: http://bit.ly/hearourvoices2