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Hear Our Voices 3

June 6 Apawomen

Hear Our Voices 3

Hear Our Voices 3 Providing Direct Services for AANHPI Communities  June 6 6:00 PM ET

We are coming to the end of May AANHPI Heritage Month! We’ve experienced both highs and lows with celebrations and tragedies going on in our communities…
This is the third and final installment of the “Hear Our Voices” series, and we have inspiring leaders who will share their experiences with us. This series started during March, the first year anniversary of the Atlanta Spa Shootings. Our goal was to spotlight leaders in the private and public sectors, to use their voices to amplify their passions for their work, and share who they are as individuals. The conversations have been inspiring.
We will focus on those individuals and organizations who are providing direct service to our AANHPI communities.
I invite you to join us for the conversation.
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