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Event Date: September 28, 2022

CAPAW AANHPI Regional Conference 2022

CAPAW is co-hosting an in-person Regional Conference in Oakland, CA in collaboration with Alameda County!  It’s the first in-person event...

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Event Date: July 21

Sue Ann’s Talent Development Thursdays: Emotional Intelligence & Clarity– Julie Wong & Yon Na, Panelists

Join Sue Ann and her guests on the Moana Nui Podcast Thursday, July 21 at 8:30pm ET Watch live using...

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Event Date: Aug 18

CAPAW and Moana Nui Podcast Present

Develop Your Talent Thursdays with Sue Ann Hong. This monthly podcast will discuss various topics that are relevant to today’s...

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Event Date: July 22

Finding & Funding Your “Why”

The Center for Asian Pacific American Women is excited to host a development session for Women of Color called, Finding...

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Event Date: June 6

Hear Our Voices 3

Hear Our Voices 3 Providing Direct Services for AANHPI Communities  June 6 6:00 PM ET We are coming to the...

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Event Date: May 16

Celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month with May Mondays!

As part of May Mondays, let’s talk about creating a movement and what it takes to make things happen. Think...

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Event Date: MAY 2

Celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month with May Mondays!

We know this has been an incredibly difficult time for teachers. The educational system struggled to provide the resources and...

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