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This 2022 impact project came about due to the lack AANHPI representation in U.S. history books.

We aim to highlight AANHPI women leaders who do not always have the spotlight in American history. This exhibit will address those gaps and illustrate to AANHPI adult women, young women, and girls that women who look like them have been, and will continue, to shape the fabric and history of the United States.

This will be an evergreen archive housed by CAPAW.

Future plans include allowing nominations for AANHPI women to be included.

Julia S. Chen (she/her)

Julia is a second generation Chinese-American woman whose purpose is to fearlessly live life on her own terms and help others do the same.Connect with Julia on LinkedIn.

We are saying that we will be invisible no more.

REP.Grace Meng

Jenny V. Jensen (she/her)

Jenny is a biracial woman who grew up overseas (mostly in Asia) and is doing her best to make a difference in her AANHPI community in Atlanta, Georgia. Connect with Jenny on LinkedIn.