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Marisa Hamamoto

(She/Her) Founder and CEO of Infinite Flow Dance
About Marisa

Transformation Movement Artist & Speaker. Dancer. Social Entrepreneur.

  • What would you title your autobiography and why?

    I would title it “Move in Your Truth,” and it’s a hashtag that I kind of started using. I think one of the things I got clarification on was through the APAWLI life purpose session with Patrice Tanaka. It was clear to me that my life purpose is to transform myself and transform others through dance and movement. And I was able to showcase that during the 10 minutes I had at the Oakland Regional CAPAW Conference in 2022. It was great to see everyone move and really use their bodies, and especially as AANHPI women. How are we going to stand out in the world? It's with our bodies. We use  our bodies as a vehicle, regardless of how we go about our paths. Feeling really confident in your body is a really important thing for me, and also for others. I think that our body language not only communicates to others, but also speaks to ourselves. Anything that you do with our bodies, it returns back to us. That’s why it’s important to move our bodies intentionally.

  • Who inspires you?

    There are so many people that inspire me! Yet, it’s the people who serve from the heart in an authentic way, that inspire me the most. Anybody that does that at either a small capacity or big capacity inspires me. It was the elderly Asian American woman who saw me stretching after roller skating at Oakland Township Commons and walking up to me saying that she can do that too. And she showed me, and inspired me! Being her authentic self and sharing in a moment bonding over how our bodies moved. This is what is meant by “inspiration is everywhere and can be found in everyone.”

  • What advice would you give young AANHPI women and girls?

    Be proud of your identity and culture. This pride sends good energy to the people around us.