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Dominique Narciso

Dominique Narciso is a High Performance Coach for Creative and Entrepreneurial Women. She
helps her students and clients overcome fear, self-doubt, and failure, in order to pursue their
higher calling.

Dom is the author of “Live Your New Story: Discover Your Best Self and Live Your Best Life” – a
memoir and coaching book that illustrates her career journey and how she overcame career loss
after moving to over six countries in ten years as a trailing spouse in the US Foreign Service.
She is also the host of the podcast “The Positive Success Show” where she inspires women
entrepreneurs and leaders to pursue their highest calling, dedicate time to personal
development, and learn from successful, positive, and influential leaders.

Dom began her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, serving on the Women +
Development Committee and hosting the country’s first Girl’s Leadership Conference and
Magazine. She went on to pursue a Master’s in Foreign Service at Georgetown University with
experiences at Women Thrive Worldwide, the US Senate, and Mercy Corps/Indonesia.
Shortly after graduate school, Dom and her partner welcomed twin daughters to the world. While
raising babies, she took a step back from her career to pursue a social impact venture, AIDWELL,
which eventually failed. But her year of trying entrepreneurship, led to writing her first article on
DEVEX, earning two scholarships to prestigious conferences, and a belief that anything was

After her attempt at business, Dom joined the Foreign Service and served as a Consular Officer in
Lima, Peru, while welcoming her third daughter. Although she had reached what seemed to be a
dream job, after much reflection, she realized her true calling was in teaching, coaching, and
mentorship. Dom left her career in international affairs to pursue her own business in coaching
ambitious and high achieving women to find their unique voice. Today, Dom has spoken at the US
Embassy in Korea and Australia, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business,
Fulbright Program, and McKinsey & Co. in South Korea. She continues to dream big and serve
others. Dom’s next big goal is to do a TEDx during her posting in Australia.
She currently resides in Canberra with her wife and three daughters.
You can find more about Dom at http://www.domnarciso.com.