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Lahaina Phillip

Lahaina Phillip is a Chuukese language & culture advocate, storyteller, and Community Health Worker for her local community here in Oregon. She identifies as a Pacific Islander, specifically Micronesian, originally from the islands of Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia. She has been working in different roles to support the Micronesian population in Oregon for over 10 years now. Through her work, she has worked on various health-themed projects specifically designed for Pacific Islanders in the community. Some of her previous work include organizing and facilitating diabetes awareness workshops in partnership with OHSU nursing students; promoted community gardening to community members in partnership with City of Portland Parks and Recreation; and co-hosted a series of culturally-specific nutrition classes with Cooking Matters. Lahaina’s current project is Learn Chuukese, a platform where she teaches the Chuukese language through different levels of learning, and creates educational materials on the Micronesian cultures and languages.