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Mali Philliber

Mali Philliber is the Director of Business Development for SolluCIO Partners, an esteemed IT staffing and consulting company. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years in executive management within the financial sector, Mali brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role.

At SolluCIO Partners, Mali’s primary responsibility is to cultivate strong client relationships while igniting creativity to drive the growth of new business and product lines. Her collaborative approach and thought leadership plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless integration with business partners, positioning the company as a leading force in the IT industry.
Beyond her dedication to business development, Mali is a champion for women in technology leadership. As the visionary leader behind the Women Executive Leaders in Technology (WE-LIT) initiative at SolluCIO Partners, she aspires to empower women on a global scale, inspiring them to take up leadership roles and become beacons of change for future generations. The mission of WE-LIT is to create a safe platform for women executives in technology, providing them with inspiration, support, and mentorship opportunities to transform the workforce for years to come.

WE-LIT’s journey began with its inaugural webinar in March 2023, a momentous event that fostered growth and learning for all participants. Building on the success of the webinar, Mali is leading the pivot of WE-LIT to a podcast platform called “WE-LIT: Lead, Uplift, & Inspire,” set to be published by September 2023. This transition will further amplify the voices of women leaders in technology, sharing their wisdom and insights with a broader audience.

Outside of her professional accomplishments, Mali cherishes her roles as a loving wife and a devoted mother to two adult daughters, both happily married, and also a cat mom to “Dolly Parton”. She finds joy in traveling whenever the opportunity arises and delights in spending quality time with friends and family. Looking ahead, one of Mali’s heartfelt aspirations is to become a grandmother someday, cherishing the prospect of building memories with her future grandchildren.

Mali’s dedication to empowering women, fostering growth, and surrounding herself with positive influences exemplifies her unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in both her professional and personal life. Her passion and vision continue to shape SolluCIO Partners and inspire countless individuals to reach new heights in their careers and aspirations.